Friday, December 10, 2004

The Intensity Of The Effect

A garden becomes a source of joy. Much like a loved child. While not entirely unexpected, it is the intensity of the effect which has taken me by surprise. Something in my life is growing.


Blogger Mary Desmond said...

Well i missed you, now don't take this the wrong way, what do i mean by that, hmmmm. I think it's like the Arabic ahlan wa sahlan, i gweet you as a fwend and not as an adversary offendi, well in a certain lite i look like Omar Sharif from the Arabia days, my faith has never waivered.

I've come back to working, i used to work with addicts in recovery, now that was intense, too fast burning, but i am drawn to it. Now i have done a few shifts in a hostel, the idea is not to help residents, coz that is so patronizing, on the other hand, maybe they might like a cup of coffee, help with cleaning shopping simply DIY, and i don't just refer to the staff. Hands off, invisible man sort of like a good maitre d',

so i missed ya, dis old nun said of me, well you'd be good at this work with the recovering mentally ill then being as you have been through all that, and i was little discomforted, yeah it's true, but i am also an arsehole, a hopeless romantic, a writer of incredibly bad haiku, pretentious, you get the picture, i am a 3d hologram not only a cartoon super hero.

So i wanted to say you remind me of hostel work, but not to take that the wrong way. Friggin L a garden has explosive energy for you, either you are some kind of rock mountain elemental spirit twapped in human form, or maybe you might think about easing up on that medicinal marijuana, or you is a fwend of Our Lady, or maybe it seems that way to you.

I don't know if you've had time to visit i have a state of the art tracking system but it seems to think New Zealand is in Alaska for some reason, anyway I am now overseeing the agromanagement of a small rubber plantation called ruberta, though to be honest some days it looks like the third leaf is thinking about unravelling, it mainly looks pensive, wouldn't really describe it as explosive unless i used one of those cameras that take shots every hour and play it over ten minutes.

Oh dear this isn't working is it, you can tell me. or your silence can more goldenlier.

12:25 AM  
Blogger Mary Desmond said...

Three messages to visit the librarian younger slimmer bridget jones with aspergers syndrome, first reading late at night, had just returned from a standard bomb run obviously in the debriefing bloody crisis, panic everywhere, didn't lose me head, kipling 'd be proud, then of course nothing much appened apart from the usual anyway, i thought, so she isn't jealous, can't just be another my but she's crazy and she's beautiful (neurotic but she plays is what they mean, i am too old, you know how i know that not here no somethings cannot be said on buses some things need coffee houses and a patisserie.) So i returned and yes it's sort of sex and the city without the sex or the city. Three messages recommending the gel, is she related. I shall return then, have a cousin who anyway later then. I am not worthy that my lady etc etc etc

11:43 PM  
Blogger Mary Desmond said...

3 for 3 then
This is my recommendation
i have a cousin who is the world's leading authority on Zhuangzi though if you check with his students he scores zero on his red hot chilli score so i don't know whom to believe. anyway we could iterate now, i am not entirely sure how to do that though, there are at least three of dem i liked and in her main page how to write interestingly. i worried about causing offence, but then i probably will eventually anyway so why worry hmmm.

6:24 AM  

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