Saturday, November 06, 2004

A Baker's Dozen Of Years

An email attachment arrives this morning. It's me. A previously unseen image. Somewhat scratchy. Mysteriously dark hair? Coming back to myself. After a baker's dozen of years.

Today: a gathering of women. Youthful recollections break through the surface of conversation. Twenty-five years are but yesterday. So little and yet so much changed. The essence of each self retained.


Blogger Mary Desmond said...

purely on colour change, apparently if you asked what is it with chameleons in the 19th century, at the beginning of the age of reason, people would say well it's that they live on air and never eat, or it could have been that they can dwell in fire and not burn but i am pretty sure i am getting confused with salamanders and they don't actually exist anyway in the 20th century they would say oh clever camoflageurs, if you place them behind a green plant they turn green but lo place them next to a brown bark they turn brown, the hand is quicker than the eye, i recall watching blue peter i would prefer to think it was Magpie but i was never cool, and they put a chameleon next to a different background and assured us that it would eventually change it's colour to match. Now in the 21st Century we no longer add th to centuries and the chameleon is said to change colour depending on its mood but there hasn't been much analysis of what these moods might be, odd that hmmm i have other theories on blondes but it may not be appropriate to mention until we have been properly introduced.

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