Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Indicators Of/And Human Frailty

How quickly life can transform. The road one imagines oneself to be driving along changes. In the twinkling of an eye, it seems at the time. The scenery becomes unfamiliar. Or, resembles a landscape one hoped was now a chapter in the past. And perhaps the latter is more disconcerting

As time proceeds, there comes a realisation that there had been signposts along the way. Dark indicators. Indicators one had simply chosen to gloss over because they were infrequent. Also, because they suggested things one preferred not to confront. Thereafter, despite the best attempts to ignore such indicators, a low-grade spectre of disquiet loomed, with varying degrees of perceptibility.

The necessary acknowledgement that one had ignored the indicators is uncomfortable. Cognitive dissonance pushes one towards self-justification. Other-blame follows closely behind. And there is valid rationale for both.

Eventually there arrives a time for clemency. Towards oneself, at least. Whether one is ever able to exercise generosity towards the Other is uncertain. But I wonder whether such generosity is even possible without first the recognition of one's own human frailty.


Blogger Mary Desmond said...

so adagio non troppo,
don't want to rush things but i assume you decoded my rather clumsy proposal of wedding (not sure about marriage but wedding sounds doable hmmm) now if i got your response you want me to meet you for dinner at the cafe and bring a bunch of irises or is that steal a Van Gogh, hate to delimit the poetry with something so prosaic but the latter might take a bit more time, though in Samurai tradition, if you are going to do something like that it's best not to plan coz you'll never then do it, just put on the cleaning overalls pick it up with centred breathing and oozing confidence or am i just a little bit too insane for the world like Goghy or is that not a Van Gogh at all i do hope you don't pronounce it Van Go like the americans because i am afraid i'd have to call the wedding off. if i did mind were we ever engaged.

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