Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Repast Interruptus

an alarm rings
everyone files out
onto the pavement,
the quick-witted
amongst us
still clinging to
their glass of wine

then arrive
fire engines;
short men in heavy
coats and boots,
ready to drown flames
should there be any

and because there's not
we return indoors
without any sense of
lucky escape
to await terakihi;
the matador's cape

satisfied until then
with talk,
each other


Footnote: Anyone floating around Newmarket with a couple of hours to spare and an inclination to eat, would do well to find their way to the Safran cafe. Food and wine selection both thoroughly recommended. (Unlike the review, I would give the Safran ****)


Blogger Mary Desmond said...

it was called once in christendom the flight of angels if it's any, what's the word, you know, if it's any.

11:18 PM  

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