Thursday, October 28, 2004

Of Autumn And Childhood

In autumnal winds,
leaves, like wine red
prayer flags hailing god,
dance with an impudence
reserved for the condemned.

From a window I observe,
recalling liquid amber;
a childhood passed,
branches, just the thing for climbing;
children, rich with imagination
no fear of heights
or falling.



Blogger Mary Desmond said...

you can't fool me adagio, i really want to say dagjsch but i am resisting, if your daughter is 18 then she is an elf or that's a really tall tree and there is something going on with perspective, so full frontal this time hmmm. now if you had spent a long time travelling here due to weightlessness well i could see how you might rest on a tree strong backs they have and loads of spare Qi but in the east they are more cautious of them due to their fear of hungry ghosts, I am a tiger that's when people need, ok but anyway focus
i really want to dance with an impudence. i am gonna forget why because i won't recall the next line when i really need to explain but yes now that is a line, that should be quoted in quotable quotes and added to world anthologies, almost want to go find the nearest Celigh.

1:19 AM  

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