Thursday, November 11, 2004

A Daughter Moves Out, Again

It's that time again. A daughter moves out. Moves on. I knew it was coming. Sooner or later. How could I not? After all, she's been home for a year. Still, the sadness of loss defies attempts at rationalisation. It's a little like the letting go required for her first day of school. Adjustment will come.

Nothing fits neatly
Into words;
Inarticulate speech
Of the heart.

July 15/2003


Blogger Mary Desmond said...

between rather than into (words) but then it would really irritate me if someone tried to improve on one of my pomes, i mean they may be bad but their mine, and my toothache is nothing like your toothache, so i knows how you feel, really odd that story about the first Isaac, you are supposed to know which orders to disobey, and then sometimes if you really love then you don't let your moral code get in the way, a looker, my god woman she looks like a vegas show girl, and only last week you were bouncing her on your knee and affixing plasters, stay with the denial, i would offer to offer comfort hey i don't measure up to anyone so not measuring up to the apple of your eye is ok, so if you ever need someone to irritate and frustrate you and not listen to good advice i can be as good an adolescent daughter as any man. and when I saw Lethal Weapon One or in fact any amurkan film where the young daughter is seen for the first time in her prom dress and dad suggests perhaps it's a little short and so granny gives her a shawl I empathize i truly do, oh yeah other people have real daughters but that's not the same as your daughter so being completely different works better don't you think. Oh no yes no oh just coz you haven't experienced the Pom Far don't mean you know nothing about salmon instincts either.

I am sorry, so kundera though, the sorrow and the joy together, making the heaviness of being bearable, well parmenides but people think i am pretentious when i quote parmenides, did you see the film.

11:49 PM  

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