Thursday, September 23, 2004

Treading Water: A modus operandi

Treading water has become my 2004 modus operandi. To a friend, I described it as wasting time. She generously reframed this wasting of time and referred to it as treading water. Treading water implies a conscious, deliberate activity. One is seldom unconscious when attempting to prevent oneself from drowning. Wasting time implies inactivity. Doing nothing. A peculiar expression. How does one do nothing? That aside, it would seem I can actually choose. Think of myself as one or the other. Active or inactive. Conscious or unconscious. Which is strange. Either way, the actual behaviour amounts to the same thing. Doesn't it?

But even now, I am aware of a definite pull towards perceiving myself as a conscious and deliberate treader of water. It’s a seductive perspective. Especially if it allows me to feel more comfortable with temporary withdrawal from the wider world. And after all, I do know what I’m doing. Don't I?


Blogger Mary Desmond said...

The Taoist term wu-wei, and god knows what the word means. Wu is a negative, but also the sound a chinese dog makes when it barks. And wei i think is something like treading water. Together they make some long compound word that the Germans do best. But the way to see it they say is to consider a waterfall, it neither sows nor does it weave, it's a bit like a hippie surfer dude living on a liberal taxation scheme and doting parents why don't we bring back national service and the birch. I think that's what it means. It has been some time since i read of it.

I saw a waterfall as for the first time in Ireland. I had in mind a scene from some Arthurian Merlin film. The thing was alive, Thing, she was dancing cavorting, flirting, trilling, singing, and she never stopped, she didn't tire, she was there forever she will be there forever and it was the most beautiful rugged natural wonderful, i saw the Naiad. I don't understand, why the need to chain them up and force them to work in Niagra. How much electricity do we actually need?

Free the Waterfalls. Leave Iraq. God save the Queen.

As for Aquinas and Teresa the great an odd couple perhaps but both saw prayer like play or re-reading love letters, wasting time with someone you love and who loves you.

I once danced the Rhumba. I mean I once danced and it was a Rhumba. And I can't remember how it was, I was dancing, lost following from my hips, deeeeep in her eyes, personally i prefer wasting time to treading water, but I want to add i have the utmost respect for Navy SEALS and our very own Special Boat Services Operatives. They are the good shepherds of our day. I will now read your next poem and take a nap for the afternoon. mwah mwah

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