Sunday, September 05, 2004

A Bud Opens Behind My Back

This morning, in the course of my daily routine, I glance up at the dresser in my bedroom. I notice a pale blue arrangement of yellow-tongued petals. An iris bud has opened behind my back. I admit surprise. Thought it had been picked prematurely. Would remain unopened amongst its proud companions. Eventually rot away. Apparently not.

It strikes me as one of life’s mercies. Not simply because energy already spent on development was not wasted. But also, because the opening defied my prognosis. There are times when it is very reassuring to be proved wrong. An almost imperceptible lesson in the fickle nature of improbability.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps you may think of yourself as the bloom that surprises. Isn't there still some blossomimg in your life ?
Who will you surprise with something beautiful ?
Perhaps in writing on this website you are already doing that !
Your gift for words and the pictures they paint is more profound than you realise.

4:31 PM  
Blogger Mary Desmond said...

You had me at An iris bud has opened behind my back. less is more there are a thousand ways to bud eh. I'll keep you bookmarked

10:56 AM  

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