Tuesday, September 21, 2004


For Jim

(Being uncertain as to his tipple of choice, amongst other things, I take poetic licence in the semi-light)

Leaving one world for another and
Upon arrival, he, finding no scarcity
Of boozy chums, old and new,
Thrusts hands deep into pockets
Suddenly swollen large
And erupts into irrepressible laughter,
Declaring the Guinness ‘very, very good’.

September 2004

Footnote: some winters deal a hard blow


Blogger Mary Desmond said...

Adagio you are continuing the work of tikkun me and poetry. What troubled me first bout this poem is I knew I didn't really understand it, then when you offered, well part of the reader response is that I don't have to understand what you meant, and it don't make me stupid if i don't understand, well i was getting there, but it was a realisation. Now it's like you have given me the keys to the city of poetry. Sort of the difference between that Greek competition where one painter painted grapes which fooled the birds of the air, and the other painted curtains which fooled the people, and something by an impressionist or later. I don't feel the poem is laughing at me when I don't crack it, more like a mystery it beckons and draws me in deeper, I like never understanding fully. I blame my foible as a curse of post-enlightenment. But thank you anyways. Now I am going to say something brief about your haiku

8:02 PM  

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