Monday, September 20, 2004

Once, I Held The Sun

A world framed by constraint
Observed through glass:
Trees, silvered
Denuded by winter’s absence of leaves
Plucky lemons
Hung like yellow Christmas decorations

Bugger Christmas!
The view through Dufy’s window is so free.

September 2004


Blogger Mary Desmond said...

This one i wiked. Maybe coz it was lighter, fun, just the rhythm of the last verse marked it as a joke. It's how Bach tells jokes with the rhythm. And I guess I liked it because the image was gentle and soft, and I could see the V shaped palms and lying inside on a warm bed watching winter and knowing that Mastercard can't buy that. And sometimes good poetry frightens me because the only reason I know it is good is because that is what they used to make us read at school and I didn't understand dem ones neither. But I learnt to love poetry when I met a poem and people like that are impossible to forget. Your other poem on the other hand, is a little bit more frightening and so I don't really want to say anyting about it. That's the poem above this one.

2:06 AM  

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