Thursday, March 02, 2006

Fit for a peasant

My neighbour has a German-made stonegrinder. She uses only organically grown grains and hand-makes all her family's bread. Real bread. Heavy. Chewy. Something to get one's teeth into. Yesterday afternoon she very pleasantly surprised me, as she does periodically, with a small wholemeal cob loaf. Sprinkled with sesame seed. What a treat. Having been a prolific bread baker for many years, but now reduced unwillingly to vicarious bread baking, I was delighted. Immediately, I scoffed several pieces with thin slices of the fenugreek cheese I have newly discovered. Great combination. Fit for a peasant.


Anonymous Jacq said...

think of me as you scoff - living in the land of white flour; I'm thankful that the flat round (but hand made) bread i buy at the market is sugar free and not steeped in oil.

12:29 PM  

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