Sunday, November 06, 2005

Te Mata

Up the back of our valley
there's a mountain blue with distance.
All day it gazes down
at our houses by the sea –
tin dinghies becalmed in sun baked back yards
water tanks on wooden towers.
It soars above a boundary fence
to take in the smallest view –
this room whose wide window is as open as the day.
It reads like a half read book
a smoked fish left on the table
as if it were a poem
needing only salt and pepper.

Bob Orr


Blogger Lulu said...

Totally off-topic, something I had a lot of fun with while in NZ last year was the way many Maori words translate into completely different meanings in Spanish. For instance, "Te Mata" means, literally, "It Kills You."

10:30 AM  

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