Saturday, May 21, 2005

Comprehending The Incomprehensible

Originally uploaded by Adagio.

This appointment is random. Indiscriminate. Is it fair? The question makes about as much sense as Is blue hexagonal or square? It is a question with no answer. OK then, reasonable. Is it reasonable? But reason suggests rationale. Suggests a mind. Suggests thought. Implies conscious deliberation. Given that premise, would it not then follow that someone or something singled me out? Deliberately. Engineered the situation. A malevolent hand. From the safety of the universe's back row seats. Or, perhaps you prefer the notion of a benevolent father figure? A sort of divine vivisector. If that theory comforts you, good luck. Not me. Random appointment is easier to swallow. A bitter pill, as opposed to rat poison.

Whatever the theory, there's no doubt my journey is solo. An involuntary rebirth. No twin holding my hand. A birth canal lined with thorns.


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